Ascent 35 Tubular


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Weighing in at 1184g for the pair, the Ascent 35 tubulars are stiff, nimble and fast. These make for an excellent climbing wheel with an aero advantage. What goes up must go down – Descend with confidence due to the predictable handling of these solid wheels. A set of our QR92 steel road skewers are also included.


Our rim profiles feature a tapered 25mm wide brake track that increases to a 26.5mm wide body which allows for less drag and predictable handling in moderate to hard cross winds. The wider rim profile also allows for the tires to have a wider contact patch which allows for a more plush ride with better handling abilities and less rolling resistance. Angled drilling is used to minimize spoke fatigue & stress. The brake surface has been perfected with a unique carbon layup and resin combination that provides powerful braking with long term durability. Rim manufacturing process: Each rim profile carries its own layup schedule and pattern. Unique fiber orientation was meticulously engineered and tested to amplify the desired riding characteristics for a given rim. Air bladders are made from a special material which produces smoother walls, resulting in a lighter and stronger rim. The bladder is removed through the valve hole with a unique process that allows the rim to not have to be patched like traditional manufacturers use. Yet another contributing factor to a stronger and lighter rim.

Build Process

Laced with Sapim’s CX-Ray lightweight double butted steel bladed spokes and their SILS locking nipples, the wheel stiffness and performance potential is maximized for long term enjoyment and durability. We opt for the traditional radial front and two cross rear (drive and non drive) lacing patterns. While there are numerous patterns and options to choose from, the radial/two cross is the tried and true when it comes to meeting the demands that riders and road conditions push the wheels with. With years of experience and countless miles logged, every wheel is hand built in the USA with precision and balance. Each wheel is dialed to the millimeter for dish, vertical and lateral trueness. Each spoke is checked with a tensiometer to ensure that no one spoke is significantly tensioned too much or too little. This results in a balanced wheel that gives the highest quality with the best durability and performance.


Our hubs are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and feature a hollow 7075 aluminum axle with pressed in Enduro sealed cartridge bearings. With removable threaded end caps, service is a labor of ease. Available in Campy or Shimano/Sram 11 speed. With durability in mind, the cassette body uses Anti-Bite technology to keep Shimano and select Sram cassettes from gouging and marring the soft aluminum that is often used by other hub manufacturers. This is accomplished by three steel splines which prevent the cogs from rotating into the alignment pattern on the cassette body.


Weighing in at 92g for the pair, the DSD QR92 road skewers are made with hollowed chromoly steel shafts and a 7075 aluminum handle. The cam profile makes for easy use, secure operation and long life. Available in anodized black, blue, red or silver, these are sure to add the finishing touch to your next bike build.



Wheelset Weight: 1184g (rear: 665g, front: 519g)

Max Tire Pressure: 140psi

Max Rider Weight: 86kg/190lbs

Rim Finish: UD matte

Tire Compatibility: 700c tubular

Rim Depth: 35mm

Rim Width: 25mm

Spoke Count: 20 (radial front), 24 (2 x rear)

Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray, black, j-bend

Nipples: Sapim SILS aluminum, black

Freehub: Shimano/Sram 11 speed, Campy


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